Review: Crazy Chicken Pirates 3D (Nintendo eShop)

If there is anything I dislike about high score junky games, it is the fact that they use high scores as an excuse for very short gameplay. In truth, this game lasts 90 seconds. Yes, to see the whole game, you can boot it up, play, and get well enough in one try to see the little bonus score 10 second mini game.

The basic premise of this game is simple: shoot as many chickens, the best scoring chickens as possible. You are given choices also to shoot treasure chests, 600-point whopper UFOs, and a pirate ship. The main goal of the game is to shoot and score, but there is a side “mission”.

You can catch a break from the dull and disaster of gameplay by shooting gems and another oddity to try and get the amount of each hidden in the short level. I would recommend you don’t try to use this feature, as it takes mapping the landscape almost, and by the time your gem counter hits two you may not even find the time to hit those blasted birds.

Overall, the entire game is worth 50 cents max. The gameplay is overvalued and the game itself is also so. The price is inflated, and overall, I would not ever consider this game as being worthy for the eShop. What happened here?

2/10 (F)

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  1. pepper223 says:

    The first review…

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